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Axioma Ads provides full cycle marketing services
Axioma Ads is a team of professionals and experts with experience in leading consulting companies. The company's specialists are strictly focused on solving specific applied problems of their clients. We not only conduct research, we also formulate strategies and clear plans to implement and monitor marketing goals.
Our approach is to be involved in the client's business, use unique and proven methods, and use our practical experience and common sense.
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Make a quality breakthrough, implement your own marketing strategy.
Market analysis
Market knowledge is at the heart of many strategic decisions and is the foundation of marketing activities.
Consumer research
Obtaining information about consumers, their motives, preferences and attitudes towards goods and services.
Buying traffic and promotion
We independently purchase organic traffic for your website and application. We promote your product on the Internet.
Market strategies
We will help you create your own positioning, capture the target audience and crowd out competitors.
Business planning
The business plans we have developed are in line with global business planning methods.
Marketing audit
Diagnostics of the sales system will help you identify problems and opportunities for development.
Realize your goals
Enter new markets
Increase sales
Implement an investment project
Define development paths
Develop a marketing strategy
Use assets effectively
Expand product range
Get benefits or subsidies
Marketing strategy development
A marketing strategy is equally necessary for companies with leadership ambitions or new projects that need to solve problems:
Explore all the intricacies of the market
Kick out competitors and capture your target audience
Realize Your Full Potential
Create your own positioning
Take target market share
Influence the market and set trends
Market research and analysis
Organizing and conducting marketing research to order is what the Finnock company specializes in.
Office research methods
•Statistical analysis
•Review of expert opinions
•Analytical review
•Finished research
•Analysis of corporate reports

Desk study results:
• General information about the market and trends
• Statistics: market size, supply and demand
• Market segmentation
• General information about consumers and competitors
Field research methods
•Polls and questionnaires
• In-depth interviews with experts, consumers, partners and competitors
• Focus groups with consumers
• Product testing
Field research results:
• Basic information for consumers
• Private information about competitors
• Expert information about market participants
• Target information

A well-designed business plan will help in the realization of any undertaking with minimal risk to achieve the desired results.
Business planning
We carry out a comprehensive assessment of the project
We develop organizational plans
Business project planning allows you to assess market prospects, as well as forecast demand and the level of competition. All sections of the company's business plan are logically linked to the organizational plan. When combined with financial analysis, planning can significantly reduce risks for the owner, investor, bank or government.
• Attracting private investors
• Financial service providers
• Helping business owners in making management decisions
• Government support measures
• Starting a business
You can order a business plan from us for

An organizational plan allows a business to track key aspects of the business, predict disruptions and possible risks of certain events, and build a clear and efficient enterprise structure.
Marketing audit
An audit of sales and marketing systems is how we prepare recommendations for improving the marketing system in a company.
Knowledge of market conditions
Diagnostics of the sales and marketing system begins with obtaining information about the external marketing environment: the market, customers, competitors, distribution channels and dealers, suppliers and contact audiences.
Audit of the general components of the strategy
For a marketing strategy to be effective, it must cover the entire scope of the market: marketing goals and objectives, product mix strategy and pricing strategy, various marketing and marketing strategies, and much more.
Audit of functional components of marketing
During the audit, we study the main directions of the company's marketing strategy: product strategy, pricing strategy, commercial strategy and marketing communications strategy.
Audit of sales and marketing services
The subject of the audit is the marketing and sales department. We will find out how well the department is structured in terms of operating principles and give recommendations for improving the sales system.
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